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LOS ANGELES, March 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A former world champion in both kickboxing and karate, as well as having over seven body parts replaced, Bulgarian fitness celebrity Grisha “The Bionic Man” Todorov never let a thing like abject poverty or lack of a proper gym get in the way of his fitness dreams.

A tireless advocate for the fitness industry and blessed with the unstoppable next-level toughness of an Eastern Bloc strongman, Todorov fought professionally until the advanced age of 46, earning the nickname “The Bionic Man” along the way for his superhuman ability to recover from injuries and the accompanying major surgeries that have reconstructed significant parts of his body.

living in Los Angeles Since emigrating in 2000, Todorov is now the owner of G-way Fitness, currently with two locations, as well as a martial arts coach and a personal trainer, which has allowed him to help thousands achieve their fitness goals, including several celebrities and high -profile athletes.

Todorov says the newest fitness mission he has targeted is to share his unconventional workouts to anyone health-conscious, but not able to regularly attend a gym for any reason.

“My goal is to bring my workouts to the home for people not able to go out, especially now with the pandemic still creating fears,” Todorov explains. “A lot of people don’t know if they can be safe out. I want to help people who cannot go out, such as moms with children and no time for gym, or people who lost their jobs and cannot afford a gym, even the elderly. Anyone can do these exercises and have a good workout without having to go anywhere.”

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