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Delano, California – AYO Almondmilk Yogurt introduces a new digital cookbook with 36 recipes for breakfast, snacks and desserts. The recipes are created or inspired by the fan’s favorite chefs and influencers and all contain AYO Almondmilk Yogurt. AYO is an amazingly tasting, nutrient-rich, probiotic-rich yogurt that really is farm-to-spoon. It was created by an almond farming family with 20 of their home-grown organic almonds in each cup. AYO is one of the fastest growing natural yogurt brands and receives rave reviews for its unparalleled taste and numerous health benefits.

The following popular chefs and contributors have developed recipes for AYO Almond Milk Yogurt, such as:

● Celebrity chef AYO Cherry: Grilled AYO Chicken Naan Tacos
● Chef de cuisine Mareya Ibrahim, “America’s Fit Foodie”: Muesli Magic Bowl
● Adaleta Avdic, Digital Creator of Healthy and Beauty: Papaya Yogurt Bowl and many other recipes from the AYO chefs such as:
● Chocolate Cherry Crunch Nice Cream inspired by GOOP kitchen
● Spinach and yogurt dip with sizzled mint, inspired by Bon Appetit Magazine

Not only is AYO almond milk yogurt delicious on its own, the health benefits can be enjoyed in endless ways and this cookbook is just the beginning. AYO is high in fiber, naturally probiotic, and low in glycemic index, with billions of vegan live active cultures in every cup. Enriched with seasonally grown organic strawberries, blueberries, peaches and organic vanilla, the process results in a creamy, rich goodness that yogurt lovers can taste in every spoon.

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Each cup of AYO Almond Milk Yogurt is not only high in fiber, naturally probiotic and low glycemic index, but also contains three vegan live active cultures: Lactobacillus delbrueckii subsp., Bulgaricus Streptococcus thermophilus and Bifidobacterium bb-12. These “good bacteria” are beneficial for the digestive tract and help the body break down food, absorb nutrients and maintain a healthy intestine!

AYO Almond Milk Yogurt is available in select stores in the United States. Find a store near you at, along with full nutritional information.

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About AYO almond milk yogurt:
“From farm to spoon, from us to you” AYO Almondmilk Yogurt is the only dairy-free yogurt made from organic almonds produced by fourth-generation farmers in California’s San Joaquin Valley. Billings Ranches has been run by the Billings family for more than 100 years and is committed to pioneering sustainability, traceability and vertical integration practices that nurture the land they proudly call home. In AYO almond yoghurt, lightly roasted almonds are enriched with living active cultures and the purest, clean ingredients to ensure probiotic, vegan enjoyment for the whole family. Learn more at