The Significance of Institutional Help for Diabetes Prevention


The Office of the President of the UTMB and the Department of Endocrinology of the Department of Internal Medicine
Presentation of the UTMB dialogue on health policy on the importance of institutional support for diabetes prevention.

The dialogue consists of a panel of experts from the American Medical Association (AMA) and employees, namely:

1. Elizabeth A. Joy, MD, MPH, FACSM, FAMSSM
Senior Medical Director, Wellness & Nutrition, Intermountain Healthcare, Utah
2. Neha Sachdev, MD
Director, Health Systems Relationships, American Medical Association (AMA)
3. Janet Williams, MA
Senior Manager, Policy & Health Systems Strategy, American Medical Association (AMA)

The session will be chaired by Dr. Ben G. Raimer, UTMB-President ad interim, headed and led by Dr. Carlos Clark, Chief Medical Information Officer at UTMB, moderated.