The world’s first-in-class miRNA therapeutics to treatment diabetes by pancreatic beta cell regeneration


While RNA vaccine development has been in the spotlight since the Corona-19 outbreak, RSVI-301, RosVivo’s new drug pipeline for diabetes, also uses miRNA (micro-RNA). MiRNA consists of 20–24 nucleotides and is known as a “little cleaner” in the body that naturally regulates the metabolic processes of genes and proteins. Since this miRNA Inject treatments Human-derived genetic material is expected to have a higher level of stability than conventional mRNA treatments that use external genetic material such as viruses.

In particular miR-10-5p The study on which the new drug development is based enables researchers to observe the world’s first regeneration of beta cells in the pancreas. Nexturn Bio Inc. and RosVivo Therapeutics, Inc.. they said will appoint Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) for thorough review as this is an important precedent for diabetes research. The advisors will be staffed with several large national hospitals, such as Stanford University of medicinee, to Support for professional advice throughout the entire drug development process.

Nexturn Bio Inc.. plans to achieve both “innovation” and “marketability” through RosVivo’s new miRNA drug. It was reported that CEO Song Myung-Seok participated in discover Candidates in founding a subsidiary. “RosVivo is Nexturn Bio’s first official investment, and RosVivo’s RSVI-301 will be an innovative opportunity to usher in a new era of mRNA medicine and challenge the complete cure for diabetes,” said the CEO.