These important oil curler balls may very well be the answer to a greater evening’s sleep


“Relax in the Bottle”: These essential oil rollerballs could be the solution to a better night’s sleep – and are now available for just £ 9.99

For minds struggling to turn off before bed, aromatherapy could be an effective way to get some rest and encourage those precious Zs.

Roller balls are a super easy way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. According to hundreds of Amazon buyers, these Tisserand Essential Oil Roller Balls are one of the best and most effective.

The Tisserand Little Box of Sleep contains three pulse point roller balls made from 100 percent natural, pure essential oils that are designed to help you sleep faster and sleep better. Shoppers have described them as “3 Steps to a Good Night’s Sleep” and refer to them as “Comfortable, Calming and Effective” and “Relaxation in a Bottle”. Better yet, the set is now available for just € 9.99.

Tisserand aromatherapy The Little Box of Sleep is available now for £ 9.99 on Amazon, down from £ 13.45

Essential oils can restore that feeling of calm and help you feel more relaxed. When used before bed, they can hold the key to better sleep.

If you feel overwhelmed and restless before bed, using lavender and chamomile essential oils can be an effective way to help you settle down.

If you’re unsure how to use it, The Little Box of Sleep Tisserand aromatherapy is a great introduction – an easy way to get the most out of pure essential oils. All you have to do is roll or apply behind your ears on your pulse points on your temples, neck and wrists to reap the rewards.

The three rollballs can be used in three steps: take a deep breath to use two hours before bed, True Comfort to use an hour before bed, and Sleep Better, to use just before bed .

Each rollerball has been expertly blended to contain a different fragrance formula to help you sleep better on your way.

While there’s certainly no one-size-fits-all solution to sleep, the three steps are definitely worth trying if you’re struggling to fall asleep. According to customers, it’s very effective, especially on busy nights when a complete shutdown is required.

One impressed shopper wrote in his review: “A brilliant set that cradles you to bed from 2 hours before bed. A simple pulse point roller that allows you to simply roll, sniff and gradually drift. This is a really nice gift. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t need this now? ‘

The rollerballs are made from soothing essential oils and help alleviate anxious thoughts and promote restful sleep

The rollerballs are made from soothing essential oils and help alleviate anxious thoughts and promote restful sleep

Another agreed and also noticed improvements in sleep after using the Tisserand pulse point roller balls. They wrote, “Me and my mother both used this because we have had trouble sleeping recently. It’s a three step process, each step is written on the box and you start it 2 hours before bed. ‘

They went on to write, “We both felt much calmer and more relaxed before going to bed, and I sleep without any problems. I also felt refreshed and rested when I woke up. ‘

A third buyer wrote: “The first impression is great! Smart Box in pleasant, calming colors that are just right for the sleep-inducing content. You will receive 3 rollorballs, each used at a different time and each with its own smell.

“These smells aren’t very strong, which seems reasonable since the idea is to put you to sleep without stimulating you! The strongest smell is the one you use last and is lavender – not overwhelming at all. So far I’ve found that they seem to help me relax and I wake up refreshed. ‘

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