This diabetes remedy can delay ageing amongst people, scientists declare, Science Information


Aging underscores the fatalistic truth about being human. However, scientists around the world are working to stop or at least slow down the process. More and more scientists believe that treating type 2 diabetes can help slow aging, the Washington Post first reported.

Treatment called “metformin” is helpful and has been reported to slow down several age-related conditions, including heart disease, dementia, and cancer.

When this is true, metformin can not only fight these diseases but potentially extend our lifespan as well. But immortality is still light years away!

Nir Barzilai, director of the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, told the Washington Post that they did not find the “fountain of youth” but claim to delay aging.

A group of scientists met in Spain in 2014 to find ways to counteract aging. Following this meeting, a six-year clinical trial entitled “Targeting Aging with Metformin” (TAME) was proposed.

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The study will look in more detail at the antiaging techniques of metformin and include at least 3,000 subjects between the ages of 65 and 79 years. It will take place at 14 research locations at universities in the United States, according to the TAME website.

Scientists picked up TAME after seeing encouraging results with metformin. The study is currently in its infancy. Further research will shed light on the role of metformin in delaying aging.

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Israeli scientists previously claimed they also reversed signs of aging. Scientists from Tel Aviv University and Shamir Medical Center claimed that they not only stopped aging, but reversed it by administering oxygen at high pressure in a chamber. According to Al Jazeera, two processes associated with aging and disease have been reversed