This important oil helps relieve joint ache, sore throat and even intestinal worms


Essential oils They are known to have a relaxing effect on people so that they induce sleep while helping the body fight seasonal problems like colds and coughs. This is why they have become an essential part of many home remedies over the years. And one such essential oil is eucalyptus. Extracted from eucalyptus Leaves, the oil is known to be anti-inflammatory.

Ayurvedic doctor Shyam VL described how to use eucalyptus oil for different purposes and recommended some simple tips.

Check them out below:

“The essential oils extracted from eucalyptus leaves are known for their powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. The plant also contains natural antioxidants, ”he wrote on his Instagram post.

* The eucalyptus oil can be rubbed in gently to relieve pain in the joints and muscles.
* Put two ml of eucalyptus oil, a pinch of rock salt and turmeric powder in a glass of warm water. Gargle with this solution for a sore throat, tonsillitis, etc.
* In some cases, an enema containing eucalyptus oil is given to treat patients with intestinal worms.
* When the leaves of the eucalyptus are powdered and burned, the smoke is exposed to wounds to relieve pus and pain.
* Inhaling steam with a few drops of eucalyptus oil is ideal for a stuffy nose and a cold.

How do you use eucalyptus oil?

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