This Romanian Startup Transforms Exercise Movies into Customized Health Content material by Utilizing Machine Studying Algorithms



Hyperhuman is a Romanian startup that uses artificial intelligence to convert training videos into personalized fitness content. The intelligent platform produces and sends the training material to improve the fitness quotient in individuals. It can recognize the exercises performed, edit the videos and recommend personalized workouts to all users. In the last seed funding rounds, Hyperhuman raised € 500,000. The company is in a private beta mode, meaning it is only available to selected trainers at the moment. Hence, the funds raised will be used to improve the platform and develop the mobile app that will allow the company to produce, distribute and monetize the video workouts for a wider audience.

Hyperhuman as an AI-powered fitness product platform was founded in 2020 by Bogdan Predusca, Dan Nica and David Teodorescu. The platform works in three simple steps:

  1. Record key movements In this step, the trainer has to record a short video of some repetitions for each exercise. Once this is done, the platform’s AI technology automatically breaks them down into individual exercises.
  2. Create workout- In the second step, all recorded exercises are compiled and expanded for a powerful workout.
  3. Share / Use the Workout The above steps ensure that a personalized workout is created that customers can access at any time through Hyperhuman’s Club app.

Hyperhuman does not aim to replace nothing, but rather to find a faster and more effective solution to the training problems of both trainers and their clients. For this purpose, the company uses an intelligent algorithm with machine learning, object recognition and AI-controlled video processing. Everything is done under one roof, which streamlines the whole process and makes it easy for fitness content creators to follow.

With the help of the technology, the coaches can focus solely on their movements and let the AI ​​do the rest of the heavy lifting for them. Key insights from the video are extracted and reused to create content. The complex process of producing and then editing a video is completely eliminated with this platform. This allows the trainers to interact with more clients, create multiple variations of their workout, and guide their followers with personalized voiceovers.

Fitness is an arena where people need an individual approach rather than the simple and standardized one. This platform claims to offer just that without putting in any additional effort. The videos created in the forum are constantly fed back to the machine learning algorithm, making it faster and smarter. The training content offered is based on personalized goals, biometric data and specific training environments.

Hyperhuman wants to improve the trainers’ content and with that in mind, they have promised that the rapidly growing platform will continue to have a free version of the product. The app, which is only available in beta and for a select group of coaches, is planning a full launch this year. The waiting list has already been opened for trainers to have early access to the Hyperhuman website.