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Weight training at home is a far cry from that cluster of kettlebells gathering dust in the corner of your bedroom. Ready to jump into the modern age? Tempo is an all-in-one fitness system with a 42-inch touchscreen for streaming virtual workouts and a slim closet to store your equipment. The entire setup has a low profile that looks modern and inviting, a welcome change from exercise equipment that might cheer you up but always be a thorn in the side. We’re also talking about a very cool technology here: the AI-enabled system uses 3D sensors to monitor your form, offer corrections and recommendations, and count repetitions.

If you’ve spent thousands on boutique fitness classes and accompanying post-workout smoothies, a home fitness system might be the change you need. Tempo offers flexibility in terms of exercise routines and timing, personal attention, and live classes. You can train in your spare time or with a live class, which means you can work on your schedule. Got the sudden urge to lift at 7:06 pm? Do it. Both on-demand and live courses have a live leaderboard to keep you motivated with the friendly competition from the community.

With a number of three new bundles and a completely redesigned app, Tempo has seriously customizable options. Each package includes a Tempo Studio and training accessories. With a $ 39 monthly membership, you’ll get daily access to new live and on-demand classes, including streaming strength, HIIT, yoga, boxing, and cardio classes led by top coaches . To help you choose the right package for your fitness goals, here is a breakdown:

Tempo Starter ($ 2,495 or $ 69 / mo with funding)

Time starter – dark

The Tempo Starter Bundle is a safe choice for a beginner or someone who wants to add more strength training to their workout but may not have enough space. It comes with competition weights from 1.25 to 10 pounds, two 7.5 pound dumbbells and a collar, and an exercise mat. Once you get started, you can always add.

Tempo Plus ($ 3,245 or $ 90 / mo with funding)

Tempo Plus - Light

Tempo Plus – Light

If you’re already exercising fairly regularly, further strength training can improve endurance, especially for runners. With a Tempo Plus package, you get everything in the Tempo Starter plus two additional 25-pound steel weights, a barbell and collar, bench, recovery reel, and heart monitor.

Tempo Pro ($ 3,995 or $ 111 / mo with funding)

Tempo Pro - Dark

Tempo Pro – Dark

Have you mastered a deadlift? The Tempo Pro takes your weightlifting setup to the next level with two additional 45 pound steel weights, a squat rack, a kettlebell, and some weight storage. This is a great option for serious weight lifters, athletes, or anyone who likes a challenge.

Three new Tempo bundles take fitness at home to the next level