Tomi Lahren slams Krispy Kreme’s COVID reward: ‘Giving folks diabetes rings’ to ‘incentivize’ well being


In her “Final Thoughts” comment on Thursday, Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren ripped off Krispy Kreme for announcing that they would reward any customer who found a COVID vaccine with a free glazed donut for every day of 2021.

Lahren said it was both ridiculous and a symptom of the state of American culture, as a confectionery company can be lauded as the youngest public health advocate while avoiding or even banning common sense activities that scientifically ensure healthy lifestyles .

“Nothing beats using junk food as an incentive for COVID health protocols,” Lahren said, calling the Winston-Salem, NC-based company’s program another example of the “new and utterly moronic normalcy.”

“Looking back at a year ago and the” 2 weeks to flatten the curve “charade, which I called” the big lie “- businesses were seen as insubstantial while grocery and liquor stores stayed wide open.”

She noted that California closed its beaches, parks, and trails as a precaution against coronavirus pandemics, although these three collective entities represented a proven way to stay healthy and active. An active lifestyle, she found, gradually helps fight off viruses of all kinds.

“All of this science has been abandoned in the name of COVID scare tactics,” she said.

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“A year later we are still not back to normal, we still have mask mandates, many children are still learning virtually and cannot do sports – and despite the introduction of the vaccine, there seems to be no end to the madness in sight.” “”

“But be calm, Americans – you may not be able to work out in a full capacity gym [nor] You can breathe fresh air without a mask … but when you get your vaccine Krispy Kreme will reward you with a free donut every day for the rest of the year. “

She noted that the company “is making the country safe and healthy again by giving people free circular diabetes rings when they can prove they got a COVID shot – that makes perfect sense.”

Lahren went on to point out the difficulties of New Jersey gym owners Frank Trumbetti and Ian Smith, whose Atilis Gym in Camden had come under fire in both the public square and the courtroom for following orders from the state’s Democratic government had contradicted. Philip Murphy as well as local officials.


“Gyms and other fitness facilities do far more public health than any vaccine ever,” said Lahren.

However, in response to Krispy Kreme’s offer to vaccinated people, Smith announced Tuesday that Atilis would be offering free memberships to anyone not receiving the vaccine.

“We believe in health – the real way – exercise, good nutrition, lots of vitamin D, zinc, and an environment where stress can be relieved,” said Smith.


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