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A group of experts has published guidelines on safe rehabilitation exercise for heart patients with diabetes.

The recommendations, endorsed by international diabetes organizations, focus on managing blood sugar levels with the aim of reducing the risk of acute glycemic problems during therapy. “The goal is to give patients with diabetes more confidence so that they are more likely to do the rehabilitation exercises and stick with them,” the international group said in a statement Thursday.

The authors cover topics such as:

  • Interactions between common drugs used in both cardiovascular disease and diabetes;
  • The best types of exercise for these patients, including the ideal intensity level and the safest times of the day; and
  • Unique requirements for patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

A quarter of the people currently in cardiac rehabilitation in Europe, North America and Australia have diabetes. And the numbers are rising, in part due to common risk factors for both diseases, particularly obesity and sedentary lifestyle, the group reported.


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