Tricks to cut back weight problems and assist stop Kind 2 diabetes, extra prevalent in black and Latino communities


(KERO) – If your doctor suggests eating more leafy greens, exercising daily, and cutting out sugary drinks, is it really worth it? Doctors say “YES”.

According to a recent study by the American Heart Association, up to half of new type 2 diabetes cases in the US can be attributed to obesity. People with obesity are almost three times more likely to develop type 2 diabetes.

Doctors say this is a great motivator for a healthier lifestyle.

It’s more common among people who are black and Mexican-American. And diabetes cases and mortality are higher in these groups.

However, the highest cases were seen in non-Hispanic white women.

So what can we do to fight this epidemic?

Daily physical activity needs to increase. This includes yoga, zumba, swimming, walking, or anything that gets your body moving.