Vegan Life Diet Introduces Synergistically Vegan: the Supplemental Superhero


Synergistically vegan

Our science team has developed a product that contains precise ingredients that work in sync with your body’s natural chemistry to help effectively build and maintain stronger bones. Jim Rex, President of the GHT Companies.

Vegan Life Nutrition, part of The GHT Companies family of brands, has announced the debut of Synergistic Vegan, a pioneer in vegan nutritional supplements that combines the power of D3, K2 and calcium into a comprehensive nutraceutical that takes the effects of D3, K2 and Calcium combines the body’s natural absorption and promotes the density of health in bones and teeth.

Synergistically, vegan is a breakthrough in vegan calcium supplements. It is designed to work with the body’s natural processes to optimize the absorption of calcium exactly where it is needed most: in the skeletal system. The key lies in pairing three critical ingredients: calcium plus vitamins D3 and K2. As the name of the supplement suggests, these three active ingredients work synergistically to build and maintain healthy density in bones and teeth.

“We don’t just throw vegan calcium in a supplement and call it a day,” said Jim Rex, president of The GHT Companies. “Our science team has developed a product that contains precise ingredients synchronized with your body’s natural chemistry to help build and maintain stronger bones,” added Rex.

While 100% vegan calcium is the star of the show in Synergistic Vegan, the other active ingredients in this groundbreaking product also shine. Vitamin K2 carries calcium away from other organs and to the bones, while vitamin D3 facilitates the skeletal system’s calcium absorption process. These two ingredients also help improve overall heart health and the functioning of the immune system.

“Research routinely shows that vegans are at a much higher risk of being deficient in all of these nutrients,” said Rex. “What we have formulated in Synergistic Vegan is truly a boon for vegans and vegetarians who are interested in not only maintaining their bone health, but their overall health as well.”

Vegan Life Nutrition prides itself on providing pure and effective nutritional solutions for vegans, vegetarians and omnivores. Other products include vegan vitamin D3 in various formulations such as sprays, soft gels, gums and chewable tablets as well as a wide range of other vegan food supplements, including vitamin B12, vitamin C and an innovative marine phytoplankton line.

Synergistically, vegan is a great example of how the parent company of Vegan Life Nutrition, The GHT Companies, works with partners of founding scientists to bring leading products to market. This product contains two discoveries from the world’s best-known partners: Vitashine ™ vegan D3 from ESB Developments and vegan K2 from Kappa Bioscience.

“The GHT Companies science team is constantly innovating for the health of our consumers and our community,” says Rex. “Our goal is always to be up to date and to produce products that have a lasting effect on the health of our customers. Synergistically, vegan is just the beginning of what we planned for the Vegan Life Nutrition line. “

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Vegan Life Nutrition offers a full line of nutritional products for vegans and non-vegans, using only the cleanest, highest quality, plant-based ingredients to support a healthy lifestyle.

Thanks to groundbreaking knowledge developed through exclusive global partnerships, Vegan Life Nutrition’s breakthroughs push the boundaries of plant-based nutrition to bridge the gap between cutting-edge nutritional science and good personal health.

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