Vegan Mom’s Day Brunch Recipes She Gained’t Overlook


Posted on May 5, 2021 by Rebecca Maness.

On Mother’s Day it is important to celebrate all mothers, including mothers of various kinds. Having a vegan Mother’s Day brunch is a great way to show gratitude to your mother while making sure other animals can love mothers too. In the dairy and egg industry, suckler cows and chickens never have an opportunity to look after their young. Farmers forcibly impregnate them, steal their babies so they can continue producing milk and eggs until they can no longer do so, and then kill them. These mother’s suffering products don’t have a place on your plate – that’s why we’ve selected some delicious brunch dishes that are really friendly to all mothers.

Choose some of these vegan brunch recipes for Mother’s Day for an unforgettable day:


These hearty dishes are packed with protein that will give mothers the energy they need to be the superheroes that they are!

Vegan eggs benedict with homemade hollandaise

The Buddhist chef’s scrambled tofu eggs

Vegan omelette recipe (no tofu)

Vegan breakfast frying pan

Vegan breakfast sandwich

Epic breakfast burrito

Easy vegan quiche

Avocado toast


If your mom prefers sweet things, why not make one of these dishes the star of the show? They could also serve as a delicious dessert after one of the hearty main courses.

Waffle brunch board

Vanilla French toast with strawberry sauce

Layered blueberry ricotta pancakes

Cinnamon and peach frying pan rolls with peach glaze

Blueberry Lavender Beautiful Cream

Banana ice cream

Double chocolate chip muffins

Berry Overnight Oats Crumble Cup


A vegan brunch for Mother’s Day would not be complete without a delicious drink. These refreshing splashes and cocktails are great for warm spring days, and the warming oat milk latte is like a hug in a cup.

The best mimosa

The ultimate Bloody Mary bar

Oat milk Matcha Latte + Matcha Tahini Smoothie

Kombucha Mimosa Mocktail

Immune booster juice with beetroot & ginger

Perfect summer lemonade

White wine sangria

There are many other wonderful ways you can show your mother how much she is loved, such as giving her a compassionate gift that also helps animals. Continue to show your appreciation for all post-Mother’s Day mothers by going vegan:

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