Veganuary: Emma goes Vegan after diabetes analysis


A DUNFERMLINE mom swapped meat for a plant-based diet at every meal after seeing the huge change in her health.

Emma Golder was inspired to join Veganuary after diagnosed with diabetes last year and now says she will never return.

She saw her cholesterol level drop, blood pressure drop, and noticeable recovery after exercising.

The 38-year-old told the press: “I was diagnosed with diabetes a few years ago and it was really scary, so my health was the main motivator for going vegan.

“I was a big meat eater – lots of big cuts of meat, lots of dairy, but after my diagnosis I realized that it’s really important to control my blood sugar well and also try to limit the effects of diabetes, like the increased risk for Heart and vascular diseases.

“Controlling my cholesterol is the best I can do along with trying to manage my weight, and after a few months of diet change I saw my reading go down a whole point.

“It doesn’t sound like much medically, but it is significant because it significantly reduces my risks.

“My diabetic specialist team was happy about such a big change in a short time.

“This is attributed to the fact that my diet does not contain saturated animal fat, which is clogging my arteries.”

Emma’s husband, Mark, also joined her in switching to a plant-based diet, and the family of four is now saving about £ 200 a month on grocery bills.

The medical researcher explained, “We decided to try a meal and then one meal became a day and one day became a week.

“I think we didn’t sign up with Veganuary until mid-January and now we’re here a year later.

“As we became more interested in it, we also realized the environmental impact and it really only cemented itself to us.

“The kids eat what they want and seem happy for what we are, but there is no way I would deny them a bacon sandwich because it is mine and Mark’s choice.”

And is there anything that Emma misses?

“We found it really easy and there is so much information,” said Emma.

“There is a vegan alternative for almost everything.

“As it has become trendy, the supermarkets have improved their game and you don’t feel deprived of anything.

“We were pretty heavy meat eaters and it would be a part of every meal, but I just don’t miss it.

“Eggs are probably the ones I find hard to say that I don’t miss because there are no replacements.

“Another battle is cheese because the vegan option isn’t the best!

“Mark put it in the water like a duck and he’s determined to stick with it, which I’m surprised at because he liked his steak!

“But the main reason for the change has always been for health reasons, and you can’t put a price on that.”

Emma added, “My advice to everyone who participates in Veganuary is to open up to a new lifestyle.

“I didn’t expect to change my world and my way of life so easily, but it was a great decision for me to participate.”

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