Vitamin And Meals Companies | VA Portland Well being Care


Nutrition and Food Services offers our veterans comprehensive and innovative nutrition and food service programs. We strive to align with the Whole Health and Healthy Living Team programs to improve the overall health and wellbeing of the veterans we serve.

Clinical nutrition services;

Stationary services

Acute care dietitians work closely with the health team to ensure that veterans receive nutritional support during their hospital stay.

Outpatient services

Nutritionists in our outpatient departments help veterans achieve their health goals with nutritional advice and training.

Appointment options

  • Face to face (one on one or group)
  • phone
  • VA video connection (VVC)

Food services


Hospital veterans enjoy made-to-order meals from our room service menus prepared by our culinary-trained chefs. Meal times are not scheduled, so veterans can call a food service ambassador at certain times to order a freshly cooked meal throughout the day or to pre-schedule a meal for delivery at a later time.


Community Living Center (CLC), Comprehensive Rehabilitation Unit (CRU), and Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Programs (RRTP) residents also enjoy a veteran-themed meal with our restaurant service at the CLC and select menus in other areas. The open kitchen concept in the center of the CLC underlines the homely environment, as the aromas of freshly prepared dishes flow through the hallways.