Warangal health coach turns adversity into alternative


Health problems interfered with Sravanthi Reddy’s daily routine due to a sedentary lifestyle after pregnancy around 2011

Warangal Urban: A majority of people give in to the problems they face in life, but some people turn adversity into opportunity and make their life beautiful and inspiring for others as well. The well-known fitness trainer Sravanthi Reddy Baddam (40), who has been running the ‘Sravs Fitness Zone’ in Hanamkonda for six years, falls into the second category.

Health problems interfered with her daily routine due to a sedentary lifestyle after pregnancy around 2011. Due to the loss of the sensation on the left side of her body, Sravanthi Reddy became bedridden for almost a year and her life came to a standstill. “I was also gaining weight, suffering from depression, and suicidal thoughts crossed my mind at that point,” she told Telangana Today.

“However, I made up my mind to overcome obstacles that stood in my way thanks to the unconditional support of my family. I made a strong decision to focus on my physical and mental fitness and then went to a nearby gym to regain my fitness and get in great shape, “she said.

After experiencing the effects of illness and learning about the problems many faced around her, Sravanthi decided to change the lives of at least some others like her. After completing a one year certification course at an Australian institute and completing many other courses at prestigious institutes, she floated her company ‘Sravs Fitness Zone’ in Warangal. She was initially mocked by some people for voicing her idea of ​​opening a fitness zone. Unimpressed by this, she excelled in her life and created a niche for herself and founded a beautiful family of fitness freaks “Sravs Family Strength”, as her WhatsApp group calls it.

Clients from different walks of life and ages, from teenagers to Septuagenarians, have experienced the joy of staying healthy and fit that has changed phenomenally thanks to its unique style, workouts, personal care, nutrition plan, inspirational conversations, motivational messages and continuous Guide.

Sravanthi Reddy Baddam

“I would be grateful if I could turn some people, especially women, into fitness enthusiasts. What more do you need in life than to be the reason for your physical and mental well-being? ” She said. She also organized numerous events such as marathons, bike races, trekking camps, and beauty pageants to raise awareness of fitness among citizens, and won many awards and recognitions from many organizations for her great work.

“I was recently selected for the prestigious American Telugu Association (ATA) award,” she said, adding that the award will be presented on March 7 at a women’s day-related event at a private hotel in Hyderabad. “I thank Bhuvanesh Boojala, President of ATA, Madhu Bommineni, President-elect of ATA, Josna Reddy Bobbala, Coordinator of ATA, for recognizing my efforts. I will forever be indebted to my family, especially my husband Srinivas Reddy Baddam, for standing by my side during difficult times. I also thank my students, who are like family, for believing in my functional training module, which is the first of its kind in Warangal. The contribution of women in making this world a better place is phenomenal, but it is very unfortunate that women face many obstacles and hardships in their daily life. Instead of dreading the problem, it is important to find a solution. As a fitness trainer, I urge every woman to focus on their physical and mental fitness and not be confined to their homes, ”she added.

ATA President Bhuvanesh Boojala said they selected Sravanthi Reddy Baddam in recognition of her exemplary performance in the fitness field. “I am sure that many women will find inspiration in their journey to turn adversity into success,” added Bhavanesh. Santhosh Manduva, who did fitness coaching in her Sravs Fitness Zone, said that Sravanthi takes great care of clients and helps them stay fit. “She deserves such awards. Almost 50 to 60 people visit their fitness center every day. She has nearly a decade of experience training students with different types of workouts, including cardio, cross-fit, Pilates, weight training, Zumba, and yoga, ”added Santhosh.

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