Watch: Aayush Sharma’s newest exercise video provides you with main health objectives


You can’t specifically focus on them in the gym, but it must be noted that the back and neck help us perform a range of movements – from carrying to lifting to bending. As such, a strong back and the neck requires the same importance as the shoulders training

A strong one Vein And back are the two essential parameters that determine your own fitness level. And showing us how to have your back is nothing more than actor Aayush Sharma.

Check out his Instagram post below:

Sharma showed his back straight and wrote how he was advised to work on it. “It took me two years to get here,” he said.

To take care of them flexibility and the strength of the back, Sharma can be seen exercising his shoulders.

Why should shoulders need training?

The primary muscle groups in the back that are connected to the shoulders need regular exercise to build strength. Some of these exercises include latissimus dorsi, rhomboids, trapezius, and erector spinae. Shoulder instability can prove to be a hindrance when trying to achieve a strong upper body. Shoulder strength training can reduce the risk of injury by strengthening the core muscles.

A healthy back and shoulders can help you achieve optimal fitness goals. A healthy upper body is also an ideal way to open your chest, which makes it easy to breathe.

How to start

The combination of high-intensity circuits and weight training can help strengthen your shoulders and build your back. However, before you begin any shoulder strength training, it is a good idea to assess your body and health Shoulders.

An ideal way to measure the range of motion in your shoulder is by rotating your arms. Keep your arms by your sides and then complete one full shoulder circle front to back and then another back to front with no pain or discomfort.

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