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For the community part of F3, the members of the group meet for social gatherings such as bowling, parties in the members’ houses during the holidays or meet for coffee and often for lunch after training. Different people take turns directing these social events.

The group also offers mutual encouragement and support during difficult times in life, such as the death of a loved one of several members. They gathered and prepared meals and sat and listened, or drove hours and hundreds of kilometers for a funeral.

When an F3 member joined the military, several truckloads traveled to watch him graduate, Cheez Whiz said. “The group left here at 3am, watched him graduate and drove back. We are definitely involved in each other’s life. “

The element of faith of F3, which is also guided by the various members, includes Bible studies and opportunities to go out into the community and serve. Members have long volunteered for charities in the area including the Mooresville Christian Mission, Welcome Home Veterans, FeedNC, Habitat for Humanity, the Children’s Home Alliance, the Charlotte Rescue Mission, Purple Heart Homes, The Sandbox, and One Seven Ministries Handicap Ramps or working near homes for widows or frail individuals or couples.

Recently, members took part in a fundraiser at Stumpy Creek Park to raise money for those who lack clean water. The money raised went to two programs run by the Chris Long Foundation. It was shared that the programs are “Waterboys designed to provide clean water to millions of people around the world, and Water4Her is focused on empowering women and girls who carry the burden of water in the underdeveloped.” Areas to be transported. “