We realized all concerning the science of important oils from the doTERRA Lounge


Cecile Bascoul, Director of Product Safety at doTERRA, came to us from the doTERRA Lounge to give us a glimpse into a day in the life of a doTERRA scientist.

Cecile holds a PhD in Life Sciences from Cardiff University and says doTERRA scientists are doing everything they can to ensure the oils are safe.

She says she is reviewing the essential oil formulations in the compounds. She says, “We use science to ensure the safety of these compounds. We have a wide range of tests to make sure our oils are not adulterated or contaminated.”

Cecile also answers security-related questions from customers.

We also asked Cecile about her favorite doTERRA product – Lavender Touch. She says it’s already in fractionated coconut oil, so it’s one of the safest oils out there.

In addition to the wonderful aroma of lavender, says Cecile, clinical research shows that lavender can help treat pain, anxiety, and even help you sleep better.

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