Wellness and Health Platform Jetsweat Providing White-labeled Software program – WWD


Jetsweat – the live and on-demand wellness and fitness subscription platform that brings home a wide range of boutique studio courses – is introducing Jetsweat Enterprise, the company’s white label software product now available to independent fitness professionals, salons and Company is available for digital workouts.

“Through the pandemic, we found that all of our studio partners had this enormously increased need for digital. That’s why we introduced Jetsweat Enterprise to deepen our relationships with our studio partners and expand our technology market, “said Alexandra Dantzig, who founded the company together with Erin Frankel in 2018.” While our marketplace platform is only available by invitation, and so are we Really only accept 10 percent of studios that apply for the platform, Enterprise really is for all studios. It was something we always had planned for our future, but it was accelerated significantly by the pandemic and all of these increased needs that we were seeing. “

Jetsweat offers users unlimited online classes, from high-intensity interval training to yoga, for $ 19.99. The internal team leverages video content in studios and uses bespoke technology that includes real-time performance data and personalization. With the coronavirus pandemic changing the fitness business landscape and studios offering online classes, technology will enable boutique studios to better compete against larger facilities, Frankle said. In addition to on-demand courses, the technology offers live streaming services on devices, interaction with teachers and classmates via chat and video, and access to analytics and engagements on user performance. Bodyrok, Box + Flow, Punch Pedal, and BK Pilates are some of the companies that use this technology.

“On the corporate side, it’s really about how we can not only grow these really great brands exponentially but also really compete against the world’s digital giants like the Pelotons and the Beachbody, as our offering is geared towards the boutique gyms with endless technology budgets? “Added Frankel. “Our offering is really about giving them the technology they need to compete with them.… It’s things like real-time progress reports where you can see dynamic calorie counting, calendar scheduling and integration to plan your training month and see what you have completed, planned or skipped. On the personalization side, we do a lot of profile comparisons between user data and the videos themselves. “

The duo said a standout feature is a two-way video element that, much like Zoom, allows users to see other class members or friends during private lessons and instructors to interact directly with clients.

“People are craving human interaction right now, especially a business like a boutique gym that is largely based on the concept of community,” said Dantzig. “So we had to think: ‘How do we solve this in a digital environment?’ It’s incredibly difficult to do, and this two-way video interface really is the best way to do it as it gives the class live meaning and allows a teacher to present a class in a way that is personal to them teaching . “