Wellness Wednesday: Contained in the Basketball Health Group Swish Home


When it comes to fitness classes, options are few. And if you’re looking for a team-oriented approach, there are even fewer that don’t focus on basketball.

That was until Swish House was born.

They pride themselves on being the basketball fitness community. The company is owned and operated by a team of former professional / college athletes. Together they have developed a high-intensity workout that focuses on basketball.

They say the class is perfect for anyone who loves the sport. From an NBA star to a retired middle school bench warmer, anyone who loves basketball will feel right at home at Swish House. They have courses in Traverse City and Grand Rapids.

Xavier Hershovitz of the Four spoke to Swish House Founder and CEO about the idea behind the company and how they work to make an impact in every community they serve. Watch the interview and watch a class above.

To learn more about Swish House, click here.