Wellthy CARE DTx platform demonstrates outcomes to handle diabetes


Wellthy Therapeutics recently conducted a 16-week field study to test the effectiveness, effectiveness, and remote monitoring and management capabilities of its Wellthy CARE DTx platform. The platform consists of a clinical and behavioral intelligence engine that ensures care through a mobile app, paramedical dashboards, HCP dashboards and business analytics.

In this study, a clinically validated digital therapy for type 2 diabetes was conducted via the Wellthy CARE DTx platform to evaluate blood sugar control in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) of South Asian origin. The results were published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) as a full-text publication.

The study “Assessment of Blood Glucose Control in Patients of South Asian Origin with T2DM Using a Digital Therapy Platform: Analysis of Real Data” tracked and analyzed 102 patients with T2DM from India who participated in a 16-week structured self-management program, 100 percent of whom were through the Wellthy CARE DTx -Platform was delivered. The average change in HBA1c was -0.49 percent. Patients with the highest engagement showed a decrease in HbA1c by 0.84 percent, fasting blood sugar (FBG) by 11 mg / dl, postprandial blood sugar (PPBG) by 21 mg / dl, weight by 1.32 kg and BMI by 0.47 kg / m2. The study program is based on the self-sufficient behavior of the American Association of Diabetes Educators AADE7 and works on the model of digital persuasion while providing culturally relevant content and nudges. The study showed significant improvements in real-world results obtained from a digital therapeutic intervention conducted using the Wellthy CARE DTx platform.