Wholesome baked oats recipes for a high-protein breakfast


  • Baked oats is a trend on social media right now.
  • Not only is the dish a simple, healthy breakfast, it tastes like cake too.
  • Here are five of my favorite recipes, from carrot cake to raspberry brownie batter.
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Baked oats got a moment on social media, but they’ve been my favorite breakfast for years.

The dish is one of several high protein breakfasts that have helped me build muscle, lose fat, and keep it off over the years. As registered nutritionist Kimberley Neve previously told Insider, baked oats are a great choice for breakfast because it’s high in fiber and filling, especially if you add protein powder like me.

While I like regular oatmeal, the magic of baked oats is that it turns into something that resembles cake in the oven, and it’s probably as close as possible to having cake for breakfast without actually having cake for breakfast.

I make my baked oats in a 15 cm x 10 cm baking dish. If you don’t use protein powder in all of my recipes, you can add vanilla extract and sweetener (honey, agave, maple syrup) and serve with some Greek yogurt for a protein boost.

If you can’t eat a banana or don’t like it, you can also substitute the apple sauce or just leave it out. The joy of baked oats is that, unlike actually baking a cake, you don’t have to worry about specific dimensions.

I’ve seen all sorts of creative ideas on Instagram such as: B. adding chocolate chips to the center of the dish before baking to get a melted center, create a marble effect, and even a creme brulee top.

But if you’re just starting out, I’d recommend these five baked oat recipes: