Wholesome recipes: Candy Potato Breakfast Bowls


Sweet potatoes are nutritional rock stars. They provide enormous amounts of vitamin A as well as vitamins B6 and C and magnesium. They contain a lot of fiber and only traces of fat. Even if you generally prefer white potatoes over yams, I can assure you that this recipe will taste like fresh pumpkin pie.

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Start with already cooked sweet potatoes. In a perfect world, make two extra the night before for dinner and save the leftovers for the recipe. We’re going to puree the potatoes in a food processor to make them light and fluffy. The texture is lightest and fluffiest after you’ve baked the potatoes in the oven, but microwave-cooled potatoes taste just as wonderful. Whip skim milk and honey or milk and maple syrup if you prefer vegan dishes. Sprinkled with vanilla and cinnamon, the mashed potatoes give it its pumpkin pie atmosphere. And berries and coconuts or bananas and those handfuls of almonds add color and crispness.