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Chepina Peralta, who is considered to be the pioneer of cooking shows on television in Latin America, said several times and in various interviews that when he started cooking on television, he realized that “he cannot speak if he does not talk about nutrition”.

Chepina attended conferences, studied nutrition and constantly thought about the importance of eating healthy. In fact, she published books under this editorial line: Tasty, Nutritious, and Cheap, or Diabetes, the Pleasure of Eating. He also worked hand in hand with various doctors. He worked at the Ministry of Health and made 10-minute cooking videos that were broadcast in the Ministry’s waiting rooms.

▶ ️ Chepina Peralta dies, promoter of Mexican gastronomy on television

“There are no bad foods, but the uses you make of them,” he mentioned in an interview published in 2010.

To remind us of his healthy legacy, let’s share a few recipes:

spinach salad

Nopales salad


Food of animal origin and legumes

With information from dressing.