Why did Jujimufu half methods with Tom? YouTube health duo break up in 2021!


Why did jujimufu break up with Tom? The YouTube duo has garnered millions of subscribers over the years. However, it looks like they will stop working together as of March 2021.

Jon Call, better known as Jujimufu, and Tom Boyden were considered best friends until recently. Known for her YouTube viral videos, including Jujimufu’s 2016 Full Chair Split Workout Routine.

Screenshot: JUJI SHARE THE PATHS WITH TOM – Jujimufu YouTube channel

Who are Jujimufu and Tom?

Jon Call, AKA Jujimufu, is a 35-year-old fitness fanatic. Before that, he worked in the natural sciences and studied biotechnology at the university. In 2016 he quit his job to pursue his passion for fitness.

Tom Boyden is a videographer and creative consultant. We can assume that he is around 32 years old. He is best known as half of Tom and Jujimufu. In 2020, Tom lost 40 pounds in 4 months according to Men’s Health.

In 2020, Tom was hospitalized for Crohn’s disease. He said it was the worst flare-up in 14 years on a YouTube video on her channel.

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How did Jujimufu and Tom meet?

Jujimufu and Tom first connected in 2012 and shot their first video together in 2013.

Tom went to Tricks tutorials forums for advice, and jujimufu taught Tom the backflip, which sparked their friendship.

In 2018, Juji said to Tom, “When I did the trick thing and met people at gatherings and events, there is always a person I meet at these things outing”.

Why did jujimufu break up with Tom?

On March 19, 2021, Jujimufu went to YouTube to share a video explaining that he and Tom had “broken up”.

Jujimufu responded to the curiosity that Tom and Juji have not posted many videos lately: “I have decided to break up with Tom. I did not come to this decision hastily or frivolously. A further collaboration with Tom is no longer possible. “

While some hoped the news wasn’t true. The YouTube channel “Jujimufu and Tom” has been renamed “Jujimufu”, which further confirms when Juji is serious in his video.

A Twitter user suggested that Juji and Tom may no longer be able to work together for legal or financial reasons. However, these claims are unconfirmed and neither Juji nor Tom have released any details about why they broke up.

Tom took to Twitter on March 20th to let his fans know how he was doing: “I’m fine. Make videos again soon, thanks for the support ”. It’s not clear why Tom and Juji went their separate ways, but both have stated that they will now be making videos of their own.

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