World Well being Day 2021: 7 Easy And Efficient Ideas To Handle Diabetes


In the post-pandemic era when the world has come to a standstill due to a tiny virus, neglecting health is no longer an option. World Health Day, celebrated on April 7th each year, is more than just an annual reminder to take responsibility for what matters most. Nobody can take care of themselves as well as you. Meetings, Deadlines, Submissions; All of this is important, but have your health pushed into the back seat amid the hustle and bustle? This is an important question to ask yourself today and every day.

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Diabetes is fast becoming one of the most widespread diseases of all time, largely because the disease is not yet cured. Diabetes is characterized by fluctuations in blood sugar levels. If diabetes is not managed properly it can damage your kidneys, eyes, and heart. Diet plays a crucial role in treating diabetes. Here are some tips that are known to be helpful.

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1. Dig up store-bought juices, colas, and beverages. They’re often high in sucrose and liquid calories, which are of no use to your body. Have homemade juices if you ask for them.

Always choose to eat fruits instead of juicing them
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2. It is a good idea to avoid refined foods like pasta, cookies, pastries, or maida-based foods as they do not contain fiber. These foods get digested too quickly, raising your blood sugar levels.

3. According to a study published in Jama Internal Medicine, people who ate ultra-processed foods were more likely to develop diabetes. The more the food is processed, the more removed it is from nature. To verify that the food is ultra-processed, check the list of ingredients on the back. If there are too many chemical-sounding names out there, chances are it’s going to be ultra-processed, the scientists explained.

4. Have whole grains. Whole grains, as the name suggests, encompass all layers of the grain. Brown rice, oats, barley, buckwheat, ragi, daliya are good examples of cereals. It’s also a good idea to swap out all of your maida-based dishes for whole grain atta.


Whole grains are high in fiber

5. Seasonal fruits with a low gycemic index are very helpful in keeping diabetes at bay. In summer you can enjoy strawberries, grapes, mulberries and raw mangoes.

6. Watch out for foods with hidden sugars. If you are to be good at managing diabetes, you have to be smart. Sometimes seemingly healthy foods like cereals and oatcakes are laden with hidden sugars. Always check the back of the package for full disclosure.

7. Make your breakfast richer in fiber. Add more whole grains and fruits. Did you know that many nutritionists feel roti (made from whole wheat or a combination of healthy flour) and light sabzi is a better breakfast than white bread and fruit jam.

Follow these tips and let us know how to deal with diabetes in the comments below.

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