Youngsters’ well being and health in 2021


This week’s column is focused on children’s health and fitness. In 2020 I noticed a lot of kids dealing with changes like less time outdoors and the temporary cancellation of team sports.

It’s great for kids to encourage exercise – and a lot of it! This keeps them healthy and encourages growth – mentally, emotionally and physically. Teaching kids how to do basic movements that are safe and will help the body develop and grow is the way they should exercise until they are physically ready to switch to a beginner weight program when they are wish this.

Something that would be particularly encouraged this year are walking, jogging, and biking, which are great for spending time together, chatting about what’s going on in their world, and focusing on their health and fitness.

I find mixing up activities is a great way to keep them interested.

Go outside

Go to your local park. You can do this from your own garden. This is a great cardio exercise.

  • 10 min bike ride through the park or block
  • 10 minute walk through the park or block
  • 10 min jog / run through the park or block

When you’re done, make sure you have finished with the following sections:

  • Hamstrings: Sitting with one leg straight, slide your hand over the straight leg and hold for 20 seconds. Repeat on the other leg
  • Back Rolls: Lie on your back with your knees against your chest, slowly roll your legs from left to right for 20 seconds
  • Quads: Stand, hold your ankle and pull it up to your buttocks and hold for 20 seconds, repeating on the other leg

Use your body

All you need for this bodyweight workout is a bench.

  • 3 minute step-ups
  • Standing squats for 1 min
  • 30 seconds of toe tapping, each leg
  • 3 x 10 m hopping, each leg
  • 1 min push-ups
  • 1 min seated overhead strokes
  • Immerse for 1 min
  • 3 min step-ups

For more of it: