Zogics Strikes the Health Trade Ahead with Sanitizing Options


Cleaning and disinfection are more important than ever. They are even more important in facilities like gyms and fitness centers. Fortunately, Zogics offers disinfection solutions designed specifically for these companies.

Even after the pandemic forced many fitness companies to shut down, the company continues to move forward. Read more about their efforts and products in this week’s Small Business Spotlight.

What the business is doing

Provides cleaning, disinfecting and disinfecting products for facilities.

Jeff Stripp, Chief Revenue Officer, told Small Business Trends, “Zogics is for fitness, healthcare, education, corporate facilities, hospitality, transportation and more. We are the industry leader in facility cleaning products and experts in facility safety. “

Business niche

Quality service.

Says Stripp, “We pride ourselves on our customer service, which goes way beyond that and is offered across the company. We stand by what we sell (we have a guarantee of happiness on all Zogics branded products) and we are really humble and inspired to help our customers with critical disinfection. We respond quickly to customer needs, ship as quickly as possible and communicate with our customers throughout their shopping trip with us. “

How the business started

Because of a simple idea.

Founder and CEO Paul LeBlanc has always been an entrepreneur. When he had an idea, he went all-in.

Stripp adds, “He was fixing a flat tire on his bike and his hands were covered in grease and he had a Eureka moment:“ I need a wipe for that. “He collected the capital to make his wipes, called them Citra Wipes, and walked shabbily across the country stopping at bike shops on the way to sell this product. He even sneaked into the biggest bike / health fair in Las Vegas and handed out towels that he had tucked in his backpack. Slowly, with a lot of hustle and bustle, the business evolved into wellness and facility-oriented items for the fitness industry. “

Biggest win

Build a talented team.

Stripp explains: “We have long been known as a leading employer in our region, which has enabled us to attract and retain the best talent in all areas of our business. We treat our employees like family members and we respect our employees and encourage them to learn and grow. “

In fact, this culture has led to great recognition which in turn helps them grow the team even further.

He adds, “We have been on the Inc 5000 list of Fastest Growing Private Companies for three consecutive years and are named one of the fastest growing companies in America by the legendary Financial Times. We have unique, breakthrough benefits noted by the Wall Street Journal, among others. “

Biggest risk

Launch of a new fitness website.

According to Stripp, the company takes risks every day. But during a pandemic that closed many gyms, further entry into the fitness industry ranks high.

He adds, “At a time when gyms are struggling, we can bring a great deal of knowledge and deep connections to the fitness industry to support our fitness family and promote fitness at home.”

lesson learned

Appreciate your team.

Stripp explains, “I’m not sure I would change anything other than hire more great people. Spend more time as a team in and out of the office. “

How they’d spend an additional $ 100,000

Staff training and other group outings.

Team tradition

Annual ATV outing.

Stripp says, “It’s great fun!”

* * * * *

Image: Zogics