Nutraceutical start-up Fitday to speculate ₹25 crore in vitamin gummies section



Mumbai: Fitday, an omnichannel nutraceutical startup, will invest 25 crore in the food gum segment, the company said after launching seven vitamin gums in India on Sunday.

The global gummy vitamins market is projected to reach $ 10.6 billion by 2025 and continues to expand its reach in India. Fitday plans to invest in spreading awareness of the benefits of nutraceuticals.

The gummy bears launched today are available in a variety of herbal, mineral, and vitamin options including DHA + multivitamin (gummies for kids), biotin, vitamin C, ashwagandha, Korean ginseng, calcium, vitamin D3, ginger licorice tulsi (cold & Flu gums) and iron folic acid.

The company said the gummies are made from plant-based pectin rather than gelatin to serve consumers who are increasingly vegetarian and vegan.

“We are proud to start this trend. During the pandemic in particular, it was obviously necessary to increase immunity in children and adults. Vitamins in the form of gummy bears are a fun and tasty way to add essential nutritional supplements to the body, ”Suresh Raju founder Fitday said, adding that gummy bears are now on the FSSAI’s food category code list.

The startup’s main focus is to introduce pleasant-tasting supplements that are convenient and interesting to consume, as well as leveraging the growing awareness of on-the-go nutritional supplements to combat the increasing incidence of vitamin deficiencies and malnutrition.

Fitday aims to serve the segment of a higher population of older adults who are at high risk for chronic illnesses due to vitamin deficiency.

More research-based rubbers will be introduced in the future, Raju said.

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