Avita sufferers can partake in type-2 diabetes analysis mission


GALION – Patients with type 2 diabetes can help doctors with research at hospitals in Galion and Ontario.

Avita Health System announced Thursday that it will participate in the Personalized Adherence and Persistence Drugs Program, a national research initiative to better understand drug perceptions by patients with type 2 diabetes.

The program was developed in partnership with the FDA’s Center for Drug Research to merge real-world data with patient data, according to a press release from Amanda Hatcher, director of marketing and community relations at Avita.

For more than 12 months, Avita’s team of pharmacists has been actively recruiting patients and contributing to what influences decisions about how, when and whether they take certain medications to treat their diabetes. The study will take another year.

“When researching patient habits, one encounters the fact that too often we look at patient data in information databases in an objective manner rather than simply getting the patient to agree with their habits,” said Brad Schwartz, head of clinical services for the pharmacy at Avita . “The approach of this initiative, which seeks to better understand patients’ perceptions, experiences and barriers by bringing a pharmacist with each patient and combining it with real world data, makes it unique in terms of research.”

Data from real sources

Using MediMergent’s digital platform, the study collects data from real-world sources, including patient experience surveys, medical records, and pharmacy refill / refill data.

“We say the patient is the least used resource in healthcare, but we are organized to get information about the patient without focusing on getting information with the patient,” said Greg Simon, president by MediMergent. “The (program) uses the strengths of pharmacists to get in direct contact with patients, to capture their voices and to improve health outcomes together.”

Patients enrolled in the program will be liaised with an Avita pharmacist in Ontario or Galion who will follow them up regularly over a period of 12 months through brief surveys, interviews, and point-of-care laboratory tests.

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Patients can complete the short surveys in person or online, and the one-on-one interview with the pharmacist can be in person, by phone, or via telemedicine. Scheduled appointments with a pharmacist and point-of-care tests such as A1c and cholesterol are carried out free of charge for the patient.

Easier access with online interactions

“We are currently working with a number of patients in our healthcare system and we definitely want to continue to enroll patients who are interested in doing their part,” said Schwartz. “The simplicity of telemedicine and online interactions has definitely made our check-ins with patients a lot easier and more accessible. Point of care testing is personal, of course, but patients would like to be kept informed about things like A1c or kidney function. Every Voice helps this initiative get a better mix of information to meet the overall goal of increasing drug safety knowledge, improving health outcomes for every patient and ultimately for others taking the same drugs for their diabetes. “

Individuals interested in participating in the study or with additional questions should contact the Avita Health System Galion Medication Management Center by phone at 419-462-4590.