Dexcom’s new marketing campaign advocates for glucose time in vary as commonplace metric for diabetes administration


Diabetes care has changed dramatically in recent years thanks to advances in technology, but some of the metrics used to treat the disease are still out of date. For this reason, Dexcom has launched The Global Movement for Time in Range, an awareness campaign to raise awareness and accept the time in range as the standard of care in diabetes management.

Time in range is the percentage of time spent with glucose readings in a target range defined by the Congress for Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD) as 70-180 mg / dL. The ATTD says time-in-range metrics provide more powerful insights than A1C scores, which show average glucose levels over a two to three month period.

Continuous glucose monitoring devices allow measurements of time in the area as they provide real-time, all day long measurements that can be used to quantify the time spent above, below, and within the target area, according to the ATTD.

With Dexcom, The Global Movement for Time in Range is supported by Nick Jonas, singer, actor and diabetes activist, Beyond Type 1, Children with Diabetes, College Diabetes Network, JDRF International and Taking Control of Your Diabetes.

“This movement is about coming together and giving people with diabetes the tools and resources to help them feel healthier and lead the life they want,” Jonas said in a statement.

“Having lived with Type 1 diabetes for more than half of my life, I know how much better I feel when my glucose levels stay within a set range, and it’s time the diabetes community said that Time in the field as one of the most important indicators of optimal diabetes management. I take pride in working with other like-minded organizations to put time in the spotlight on diabetes care. “


According to the American Diabetes Association, more than 34 million Americans have diabetes, which makes up about 10% of the population.

Despite recognition from leaders in diabetes care, nearly half (47%) of people with insulin-treated diabetes do not know what time is in the range, and more than half (53%) have never told their doctor about it, according to a never spoken survey by Dexcom.

The survey also shows that most people with diabetes (83%) say they feel better when their blood sugar levels are in the target range.

The new campaign hopes to educate both patients and providers with online resources available on their website and to get attention on social media with the hashtag “#wheninrange”.

“Healthcare professionals need to add time within their reach as part of their standards of care when evaluating and treating patients with diabetes. As doctors, we cannot get stuck in old ways of thinking, ”said Dr. Steven Edelman, a San Diego-based endocrinologist and founder of the nonprofit Taking Control of Your Diabetes, in a statement.

“I am proud to support this movement to do my part in helping people with diabetes learn more about the time at hand, while expanding the resources for healthcare professionals like me to find the time at their fingertips Reach easier to adopt in their own practices. “


Dexcom’s relationship with Nick Jonas began with his SuperBowl commercial earlier this year, which the company’s Chairman, President and CEO Kevin Sayer described as a “highlight for the company” in his quarterly financial report.

Others in diabetes management include Livongo, which was acquired by Teladoc last year; Omada, which recently unveiled a new service that automatically optimizes users’ drugs; Glooko, which recently raised $ 30 million, and Virta Health, which raised $ 133 million earlier this year.