Eye illnesses linked to diabetes, hypertension


LAHORE: The director of the Postgraduate Medical Institute, Prof. Dr. Sardar Muhammad Al-exempted Zafar, said that to be safe from eye complications, one must get rid of diabetes, blood pressure and other diseases.

Modern eye surgeries, including cataracts, are performed while the eyes of children with cancer are also being successfully treated at Lahore General Hospital. It is the only public treatment center in the country where this facility is available.

Prof. Al-Liberated Zafar explained this while addressing participants in a walk organized on the occasion of Black Cataract Awareness Week. He said that the timely diagnosis of eye diseases, including advanced glaucoma surgery, is very important and highly professional doctors and modern facilities in the eye clinic are available for their treatment, while large numbers of patients are treated outdoors.

Prof. Al-liberated Zafar appreciated the services of Prof. Muhammad Moin, Prof. Hussain Ahmad Khaqan and Prof. Samina Jahangir.

Prof. Muhammad Moin and other ophthalmologists said that 7.5 million people worldwide have visual impairments, while the number in Pakistan is 1.5 million. If steps are not taken towards timely treatment and diagnosis by 2040, that number will reach 10 million. Cataracts are the enemy of human life and thousands of people lose their eyesight every year due to this disease, he added. Medical experts said that diabetes and blood pressure are common in our country. In order to avoid eye diseases, these diseases must be avoided. “Although advances in medicine have enabled the treatment and management of cataracts, surgery is not possible unless the disease is diagnosed early and has become chronic,” he said. Prof. Hussain Ahmad and Prof. Samina Jahangir called cataracts the enemy of eyesight.

Speaking to the media, Prof. Al-liberated Zafar said we should pay as much attention to the eyes as we do to heart disease and diabetes. He stressed the need to start an awareness campaign to combat eye diseases at the beginning.

Blood camp: PRCS Punjab organized a blood donation camp in Sheikhupura, where more than 55 blood bags were collected.

PRCS Punjab Justice® Chairman Sheikh Ahmed Farooq said that PRCS Punjab collects blood bags from various educational institutions and after processing safe blood is given to thalassemia children for free. In addition, blood is also made available to the public upon request. The blood camp was set up with the efforts of Rector Imtiaz Ahmed.