Medtronic unveils infusion set for diabetes in Europe


Medtronic has introduced its Extended Infusion Set, the first set that can be worn in select European countries to deliver insulin for up to seven days.

Infusion sets are tubes that supply the body with insulin through a pump. They usually need to be changed every few days.

The Extended Infusion Set doubles the wearing time of a set. It enables users to safely continue insulin pump therapy with fewer interruptions and insertions, while providing improved convenience for patients’ diabetes management routine.

As part of a patient evaluation program, more than 100 insulin pump users in Finland tested the advanced infusion set and they received positive feedback from Medtronic on their experience.

The set developed in cooperation with the Unomedical subsidiary of ConvaTec can be used with all insulin pumps of the MiniMed 600 and 700 series.

The new design uses advanced materials to reduce the loss of insulin preservatives and maintain the flow and stability of insulin.

In addition, the new tubing connector improves the physical and chemical stability of insulin and the reliability of the performance of the infusion site. It also reduces the risk of the infusion set becoming blocked.

The adhesive plaster has an adhesive layer that offers a longer wearing time as well as comfort and durability for up to seven days.

Julie Foster, Vice President, Customer Experience, Medtronic Diabetes Business, said, “Our goal with this latest innovation is to make pump therapy easier for people with diabetes.

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“Medtronic’s advanced infusion set brings greater simplicity and convenience – something we want to include across all of our products and services to ease the burden and improve the experience for people wherever they are on their diabetes journey.”

The infusion set is commercially available in select European countries, including Finland and Belgium, and will gradually be made available to other countries over the course of the year.

Last month, Medtronic received the CE Mark for its SenSight Directional System for deep brain stimulation therapy for the treatment of symptoms associated with movement disorders and epilepsy.

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