43 Finest Black Friday and Cyber Monday Health, Well being, Residence Health club, Out of doors Offers (2021)


Apollo spirit.

Photo: Apollo

Apollo scooter

The Apollo Ghost (8/10, WIRED recommends) typically costs $ 1,699, so with this offer you get a free Apollo Air for free. Review editor Julian Chokkattu loves the Ghost for its speed and power. The Air Pro won’t go as fast and suffers from severely limited range, but it’s still a solid entry-level e-scooter. The Apollo Ghost is also discounted for $ 1,399 ($ ​​200 off) alone.

REI (select colors are $ 60), Nutcase

The Street is a sharp looking helmet for anyone who doesn’t want to look like a weekend racer. Many of Nutcase’s helmets are now equipped with MIPS (multi-directional impact system). It’s an inner lining in the helmet that allows some rotation to absorb energy and reduce the risk of rotational injuries to the brain. The Nutcase Vio is also $ 120 ($ 30 off). It has a 360 degree LED light cover for those of you who don’t need (or don’t want to) mount bike headlights and taillights.

Arkel offers a full line of bags that attach to luggage racks, from laptop-carrying commuters to grocery shoppers. All of them use Arkel’s excellent fastening system that prevents the bag from shifting and falling over while driving. These Canadian made bags are expensive so take advantage of this rare offer.

Camping and hiking offers

Take a look at our large selection of hiking and camping guides, e.g.

Solo hearth campfire.

Photo: REI

Bed bath in addition

Towering chunks of wood on a campfire are great fun, but finding plenty of dry wood takes a serious investment of time. The smoke-free solo stove uses less wood than an open campfire, burns more completely, and has fewer sparks, which is an important consideration if you set it up in a back yard or wooded campsite. Parker Hall, Associate Review Editor, fell in love with the larger Yukon model.

Moose Pine, Backcountry ($ 85)

Canister stoves may make the marketplace for ease of use, but liquid fuel white gas stoves like the WhisperLite offer the greatest versatility, especially internationally where isobutane canisters are less available. The WhisperLite is a quieter (but not super quiet) version of MSR’s venerable, reliable camping stove.

Hydro bottle

At Hydro Flask you get a large selection of bottles, mugs and travel mugs. The brand shows up in our best reusable water bottles and travel mugs because they are generally sturdy and won’t leak.


Titanium is both an integral part and, due to its often high price, a punch line in the hiking community. For around $ 50, however, this deal for MSR’s Titan Kettle offers lightweight cooking utensils in the range of slightly cheaper (but heavier) steel. The Titan Kettle is a bit thicker and more stable than the (also fantastic) competitors Evernew and Toaks.

Amazon, REI

Take a break on a day hike, take a nap between two trees in your yard, or spend a night outdoors under the clear sky. This nylon hammock for two weighs only 19 ounces but can hold up to 400 pounds together. This is also a selection in our Stress Reliever Gift Guide.