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Amyra Dastur keeps setting the fitness bar higher for us with every snippet off her gym diaries. The actor swears by high intensity workout routine and kickboxing and ensures to share glimpses of her daily fitness routine on her Instagram profile. Amyra is a dedicated fitness enthusiast and loves to focus her hard work to her fitness regime. From an intense workout day at the gym to sharing snippets of her slow days of meditation and taking a break, Amyra keeps dropping major cues of fitness goals for us.

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Amyra, a day back, shared a slew of videos off her gym routine on her Instagram stories. In the first video, Amyra can be seen working out on her shoulders with seated machine rows. Dressed in a red sports bra and a monochrome pair of gym trousers, Amyra can be seen vigorously moving a gym equipment while working on her shoulder and back muscles. In the second video, the actor can be seen lying on an inclined seat and working on her biceps with dumbbell workout. In the third video, Amyra can be seen stretching two gym ropes from sideways to upwards. With her back to the camera. Amyra can be seen being enlarged in her routine with her back and shoulder strengthening exercises. Take a look at the snippets of her fitness routine here:

Instagram story of Amyra dastur.(Instagram/@amyradastur93)

Seated machine rows come with multiple health benefits. They help in working out of the upper back muscles and the chest wall. They also help in correcting the posture and strengthening the shoulders. Dumbbell workout, on the other hand, helps in activating different groups of muscles and stimulating muscle growth. It also helps in improving the force and flexibility of the muscles. When incorporated into the daily fitness routine, dumbbell workout also helps in promoting coordination and stability of the muscles and the joints.

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