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Fitness expert Steph Wilberding and award-winning producer Katie Rosin are excited to partner with the Broadway Podcast Network to announce the new Leading Lady Fitness Podcast, a health and wellness podcast. The podcast hosted by Steph welcomes Tony Award winner Rachel Bay Jones (Dear Evan Hansen), Marja Harmon (SF Hamilton) & Morgan Anita Wood (LA Hamilton), celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg (JamieMakeup) in the first three episodes, to be discussed is the story of each individual on the path to self-care. The episodes will be available exclusively on the Broadway Podcast Network on July 19, 2021, wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts. Subsequent episodes are published weekly. Find it now under BPN.FM/LLF.

Self-care, fitness, and healthy eating are a journey. For Steph Wilberding, owner of Leading Lady Fitness in Los Angeles, the path has not always been easy. In her new podcast, Steph and her guests from the entertainment and fitness community delve deep into their own relationships with food, fitness, and body image. Much like the non judgmental fitness environment Steph created, the LLF podcast provides a safe space to discuss the journey of the self in terms of self care and holistic wellbeing.

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The podcast is available on the BPN APP, Apple / iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart, TuneIn, Deezer, Player.FM, Pocket Cast, Podcast Addict and everywhere else you listen to podcasts.

Steph Wilberding was born with a passion for music and performing, but a passion for

Fitness came later. After falling in love with kettlebells and co. At Mark Fisher Fitness

in NYC she turned the Jete from student to trainer, then made the Grand Jete her own

Business in LA.

First came HK Fitness, a chance to meet the same inclusive and optimistic community in. to promote

Los Angeles. When that show ended, it was time for touring production as Steph

coached groups and individuals across Los Angeles and online.

With the gyms going dark in 2020, Steph launched Leading Lady Fitness, an online gym

Community where they take online group courses, private 1: 1 sessions and the

upcoming LLF podcast as part of the Broadway Podcast Network.

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