Biden pledges `no matter it takes’ to help twister victims | Well being and Health


“I intend to do whatever it takes to support your state, your local leaders, while you recover and rebuild, and you will recover and rebuild,” Biden said.

In Dawson Springs, Biden walked through piles of rubble. Broken Christmas decorations were mixed with pieces of furniture and scattered clothing. Trees were uprooted between houses that had been reduced to rubble. Above the noise of heavy machinery busy cleaning up a few blocks away, the President stopped to speak to victims of storms, including a young girl clutching an American flag.

Biden came to a family sitting in front of a house with no roof or windows and also spoke to a group of police officers. He hugged an elderly couple.

Previously in Mayfield, the president had held hands with Jesse Perry, Graves County’s executive director and a pastor. A family gathered outside a destroyed house spoke to Biden, who told reporters he was “impressed with how everyone is working together” in the recovery. On Mayfield Main Street, Biden spoke to two women in a ruined building. They had a sign that said, “God is good. Defeated but not defeated. “

Biden also took an air trip over the damage and held a meeting with officials in an airport hangar. “I’m here to listen,” he said. That kind of tragedy, Biden said, “either brings people together or apart.”