Couple to convey love for group and health to new gymnasium


A Huntingburg couple prepare to fill a void in the city by opening a new gym called Raise the Bar Performance this fall.

Greg and Whitney Hirsch will open their new gym at 516 East Sixth Street, a location that has been used as a gym for many years, most recently as Iron Paradise.

The couple plan to create a space that nurtures community while also supporting athletic training for a wide range of athletic performance requirements – strength training, endurance, agility, and just plain general fitness.

Both start as powerlifters – they got to know each other during training – and want to bring the support and camaraderie they have experienced to their new business. “It (powerlifting) is such a supportive community,” said Whitney. “Although we all compete against each other, everyone supports everyone. It’s a solo sport, but everyone’s cheering you on and cheering you on and it’s just a really cool atmosphere.

Greg and Whitney built a new home at Hunter’s Crossing about a year ago, but they were still training in Ferdinand. When they considered building a home gym, they saw an opportunity to do more.

“We realized that there was a need and saw an opportunity to build a community,” said Greg.

“And building something for the community,” added Whitney.

They hope to bring this supportive and fun environment to their new gym and thereby raise the bar for the performance of all of their members.

While they compete in powerlifting, the gym won’t just cater to their exercise needs. Greg and Whitney plan to provide 24/7 access to treadmills, stationary bikes, and other fitness equipment to aid everyone’s goals and preferred exercise methods. They also plan to hold classes to teach proper lifting techniques.

Here, too, they want to offer their new home community the best possible network to support community building and at the same time share a sport they love.

The couple are currently in the process of having all of their squat racks, benches, and more custom built and built in Goshen, Ind. The move to have his equipment made to measure was triggered by the log jam in the utility lines caused by Covid -19, as well as the lack of used equipment due to the rise in home gyms. Their powerlifting trainer in South Bend has parts made by Numero Uno, a Goshen-based company, and when Greg and Whitney started looking into them they realized that it would be less expensive to have the custom parts made and get them from better quality than what you could order.

Your opening schedule is based on the delivery of this equipment, as well as the updates being made to the building on Sixth Street. If all goes well, the doors to the Raise the Bar performance will open at the end of August or September.

Membership costs around $ 35 per month and includes 24-hour access. They offer a daily rate as well as discounts for public safety professionals such as firefighters and police officers, as well as a couple rate.

Since their plan was announced on Facebook, Greg and Whitney have received tremendous support from the community. “Most of the people we’ve spoken to across the community are really excited,” said Whitney, adding that Southridge’s Athletics Director Scott Buening was looking for information to share with the student athletes.

“You should be very demanding of yourself and the way you do things in life. And that’s what we want to reflect, ”said Whitney. “We really want to offer a business that will raise the bar in the community.”