Customers say this important oil diffuser will assist you to wind down and get a very good night time’s sleep


Buyers say this essential oil diffuser will help you relax and sleep well – and it costs less than £ 20 on Amazon

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Not only do essential oils make your home smell great, but their aromatherapy benefits can increase energy levels, improve focus, and even help us reduce stress and drift away.

According to thousands of Amazon buyers, the Tenswall Essential Oil Diffuser is unbeatable whether you want to freshen up your home, boost your energy or sleep better. Plus, it only costs € 19.66.

The aromatherapy diffuser, which has over 7,300 perfect five-star ratings and is one of the top ten best-selling fragrance oil diffusers on the site, has been described by shoppers as “calming,” “soothing” and “stress reliever”.

Do you need help relaxing? A diffuser for essential oils like the one from Tenswall (left) is described by buyers as “calming”, “calming” and “stress relieving”

The Tenswall Essential Oil Diffuser is a great way to enjoy aromatherapy at home. It emits a cool and quiet ultrasonic mist to fill the room with essential oil scent.

Essential oils have been popular alternative and complementary medicines for years and are most commonly used to treat anxiety, nausea, and in some cases insomnia.

So it’s not surprising that users claim the diffuser is “excellent for a good night’s sleep” and all it takes to work is a few drops of lavender oil.

“I added drops of lavender to my humidifier and the air smells refreshing and relaxing,” wrote one reviewer. “I have severe anxiety and this humidifier has really helped me with my insomnia. Many Thanks!!’

“Got one with lavender by my bed,” added another shopper. “Time for an hour. Helps me fall asleep. One in my sanctuary and one in my kitchen / diner. No home should be without one … or three. ‘

Reviewers claim that the Tenswall Essential Oil Diffuser supports a good night's sleep

Reviewers claim that the Tenswall Essential Oil Diffuser supports a good night’s sleep

A third agreed and wrote, “I absolutely love it! Helped me sleep peacefully with the added lavender essence. ‘

The Tenswall Essential Oil Diffuser not only makes any room smell wonderful, it also looks great on a bedside table and has seven soothing LED color options, a brightness control and four preset timer functions.

For your safety and energy efficiency, the humidifier also automatically switches off with a beep when it is waterless.

Just add water and a few drops of oil of your choice to fill each room with a fragrant mist – it can take up to ten hours with a 400ml filling.