Dallas Will Host Two Health Festivals This October


Dallas’s first experiential fitness festival, FAME Fest, takes place on October 2nd. The one-day event is a partnership between the Omni Dallas Hotel and Fitness Ambassadors. Although the FAME Festival is heavily focused on health and wellness, the acronym stands for “Fitness, Art, Music, and Experience,” so workouts are just the beginning.

Attendees can experience 10 express studio courses, each just 35 minutes in length, from Dallas mainstays such as CYCLEBAR and Grit by Brit. The list includes Silent Disco Yoga Flow, Mobility Deep Stretch, and Outdoor Spin. Each is imbued with art and music for a sensory fitness experience. Take a break from your sweat to browse the stalls, indulge in local favorites like Miniluxe and FaceHaus, and sample canapes at one of the Omni’s nearby restaurants on Lamar Street.

FAME festival.

Kathy Tran

“Our goal is to create an experience that truly brings the community together by highlighting great studios, local businesses, artists and more,” said Mai Lyn Ngo, founder and CEO of Fitness Ambassadors. “We are such a fit city with a really diverse fit culture. We hope so FAME Fixed will be the perfect balanced experience for participants to work up a sweat, experience art and music and indulge in well-deserved food and drinks. “

The event runs from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and tickets are available for $ 85. Don’t forget sunscreen, a towel, a water bottle and a mat.

FAME festival.

Kathy Tran

Kenneth Paul, founder of Feel Good AF, spent 20 years in a stressful corporate job with wellness taking a back seat. In 2019, the Philadelphia native had a revelation and embarked on a journey to a more balanced life. During the pandemic, he quit his job, sold his Brooklyn apartment, and focused on finding a solution to our society’s growing anxiety and depression rates staying home amid orders. Paul used his professional event production experience to develop the Feel Good AF brand and festival.

feeling Good FROM The festival is a fitness and yoga festival, part mindfulness research and part expert panel discussions – all accompanied by a mixed live soundtrack from professional DJs, ”says Paul. “At a time when we all need them most urgently, our overriding goal is to make wellness accessible to everyone.”

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.


On October 30th, the opening ceremony will take place on the Ronald Kirk Pedestrian Bridge, which runs parallel to Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Participants enjoy fitness and yoga classes and can consult with nutrition, stress, sleep, and mindset experts. Notable names include Chelsea Charbeneau, co-founder of Highland Park’s Breathe Meditation and Wellness; Gabriella Corvina, an ACE-certified trainer and black belt and kickboxing YouTuber; and Kaycee Polite, a clinical therapist and expert on anxiety and stress.

DJ Blake Ward and DJ Sober provide the soundtrack. Other perks include flower crowns, healthy food and juices, meet and greets with adoptable dogs, and a pop-up shopping experience from the Boho Market.