Drs. Ouncesand Roizen: A quick(ing) technique to beat diabetes — and hypertension | Options


Usain Bolt holds the record for the fastest sprint at 27.78 mph. And while that doesn’t seem as fast compared to the cheetah (75 mph), it’s fast enough to beat all challengers.

Fast enough is exactly what you want when it comes to defeating diabetes and its common companion, high blood pressure. You want to do it fast – half-fast to start your run of victory.

The Challenge: About 85% of people with diabetes develop high blood pressure, which increases their risk of strokes and heart attacks. Unfortunately, some antihypertensive drugs make it difficult to control blood sugar levels, and some obesity drugs raise blood pressure. Losing weight, reversing diabetes, and stopping blood pressure medication is like winning a three-legged race. (Let’s see you do that, Mr. Bolt-O-Lightning!)

One Solution: The Diabetes Remission Clinical Trial (DIRECT) diet promotes weight loss by serving low-calorie soups and shakes for 12-20 weeks and then helping people eat healthy foods to maintain weight loss. The latest DIRECT study published in Diabetologia found that achieving and maintaining a weight loss of about 33 pounds enabled 80% of participants to become diabetes-free without medication for at least two years. About 28% stopped taking their high blood pressure medication completely two years later.

Interested? Work with your doctor and diabetes educator or nutritionist for long-lasting results by following a quick weight loss diet and eating plan. You can find help at DIRECT at www.directclinicaltrial.org.uk, Dr. Oz’s 60 Day Diabetes Take Charge Challenge Eating Plan and What To Eat When Cookbook.

Mehmet Oz, MD is hosting “The Dr. Oz Show,” and Mike Roizen, MD is the chief wellness officer and chairman of the Cleveland Clinic’s Wellness Institute. To live the healthiest life, turn on “The Dr. Oz Show ”or visit www.sharecare.com.