Its Pav Bhaji Time For Mira Kapoor And Her Dad: 5 Yummy Recipes For You


From fruits and salads to vegan meals, Mira Kapoor often gives her Instagram followers a glimpse of what keeps her fit and healthy. While she pays great attention to her diet, Mira is also a known foodie in the sense that her love for street food is unquestionable. Although Mira confesses to being a Delhi girl through and through, even she cannot resist one of Mumbai’s favorite street foods – the humble Pav Bhaji. Recently, when Mira’s dad visited her in the metropolis, she took him to relish the popular dish. We have a picture shared by Mira on her Instagram Stories with a plateful of delightful Pav Bhaji with a dollop of butter and chopped onions by the side. Take a look:

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“When in Mumbai – Pav Bhaji,” she wrote on it, tagging her father Vikram Rajput, who readily smiled for the camera as a plate of Pav Bhaji waited for his attention.

A delicious combination of different vegetables cooked and mashed together, Pav Bhaji is one of the most preferred Indian snacks, particularly in Mumbai and even all over Maharashtra. The recipe has become so popular that people all across the country have added their own regional touch to the dish. If all this talk about Pav Bhaji has got you craving some, then worry not. We have all the recipes for you, right here!

Here Are Some Delicious Pav Bhaji Recipes For You To Try Today:

1. Spicy Pav Bhaji

Mixed vegetables fried and mashed in butter, Pav Bhaji is one of the smartest ways to have most of the healthy vegetables included in your diet without compromising on the taste. This is, especially, helpful with children, who often say “no” to vegetables. This recipe is easy and the dish prepared is low fat. So, even those who are conscious about their calorie intake can easily manage this one.

2.Pav Bhaji Dosa

What a combination, did we hear? It can even be made with the leftover pav bhaji – a yummy spin. Don’t you think so? Bonus: It can also be cooked within 25 minutes.

3. Pav Bhaji (the signature one)

You just can’t say no to a plate of piping hot pav bhaji with oodles of butter on it. This one is for those who are feeling too lazy to cook on a weekend morning.

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4. Aloo Pav Bhaji Bites

Are you bored of the regular pav bhaji? If yes, then give it a lip-smacking twist by following this recipe. It is quite an easy one to prepare and can be relished with a hot cup of tea.

5. Keto Pav Bhaji

Oh yes, we have something for all the fitness enthusiasts out there too. Just replace the potatoes with cauliflower and you are good to go.

It’s hard to say “no” to Pav Bhaji. Don’t you think?