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The 90-day fiancé Julia Trubkina was involved in a drama after the Tell-All. The Russian dancer asked whether she was still friends with Yara Zaya.

Julia Trubkina out 90 days fiance She may have had a backlash this week, but she still took the time to connect with her fans and clear up a rumor. The Russian dancer was one of the most popular actors of the eighth season until the two-part Tell-All was broadcast. Fans have rethought their perceptions of brunette beauty after speaking out against plastic surgery and finding out that she actually chose to work on her husband Brandon Gibbs’ family farm. Although Julia is experiencing a bit of heat for her surprise twist as a villain, she headed over to her Instagram Live to share a workout routine and answer some fan questions on Wednesday morning.

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Along with Yara Zaya, Julia was a welcome addition to the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. However, the two friends found themselves embroiled in an argument when the subject of plastic surgery surfaced at Tell-All. While Yara took a celebrated stance that all women should do what they want to feel safe, Julia said she was personally against plastic surgery. The fitness enthusiast often works to keep her toned figure. Julia told people to go to the gym and stop being “lazy” if they wanted to see a change. This attitude was not well received by franchise fans as many labeled Julia as judgmental and immature. The fight resulted in Julia and Yara’s friendship being called into question, as the two women had previously hit it off.

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Julia went to her Instagram Live on Wednesday morning to share a fitness routine with her followers and answer some questions. The 27-year-old has received many inquiries about her exercise routine after sharing more about her previous endeavors in bodybuilding. While many commentators thirsted for the bride and groom, others were interested in Julia’s trip to the 90-day fiancé. Julia took the opportunity to answer some fan questions at the end of her training session. A fan commented on the question of whether she was still friends with Yara, given her recent tell-all argument in which Yara thought Julia was judgmental. “Are you and Yara friends?” Asked Julia and read the question. She seemed shocked by the comment. “Yeah, us friends. Of course. I mean like … weird question,” she said with a small shrug before finishing the video. You can see a screenshot of her live below:

The video mostly focused on Julia’s fitness routine as the brunette beauty did lots of squats without breaking form. Julia added that she made sure to always stretch particularly well. “It’s better if you have someone to help you stretch,” she said. The brunette beauty complained that she didn’t have a partner with her to help with the stretching. Many commentators shared that Brandon was asked to help his wife. She added that Brandon was working and made it clear that everything was fine with the couple even when he wasn’t there to help her stretch. Julia also shared that although she used to dislike yoga, she recently entered the practice. She made it clear that stress can put pressure on the body and help it store fat more easily. Hence, it is important to be calm and relaxed. Julia said yoga helps her be calm and calm her body.

Julia also shared in the video that she is very small and is careful to stretch a lot to help her body. Many admire their commitment to the gym and love to learn more about Julia and Yara’s fitness routines and diets. Although Julia was called by the fans for her tell-all behavior, others had sympathy for the Russian dancer. Julia made it clear that she doesn’t feel comfortable talking in English. Hence, there’s a good chance the language barrier played a role in their tell-all discussions. Julia will have the chance to either buy herself back or take on the role of villain in the upcoming season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After. The dancer is expected to become one 90 days fiance regularly given their eighth season of popularity.

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