New app launched to assist handle all ranges of diabetes care


Rockhampton child Levi Doyle was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was just three years old, opening up a whole new medical world for his parents.

And now, on the third anniversary of his diagnosis, his father Matthew Doyle has launched an app that he hoped will help many other diabetes co-parents, families, teachers, and health professionals.

The Diabetes Dashboard app was launched on SmartHub this week.

Mr. Doyle is a member of Rockhampton’s Smart Hub.

Diabetes Dashboard is an “all-in-one personal diabetes platform”.

“It encompasses all different aspects of diabetes management, be it type one or type two, any form of diabetes, and brings them all to one platform,” said Doyle.

“Everything that does not include the physical treatment of the disease can be managed via the platform.”

The inspiration for developing the app came from his own family’s experience with Levi.

“Our own journey and the overwhelming amount of information, people we had to hook into to get his care right, to create something to fill a void we needed,” said Mr. Doyle.

There were lots of products and apps to save all of your data, but nothing that could do it all.

“Then we quickly realized that we could reach a lot more people if we marketed this into a product,” said Mr. Doyle.

“Managing diabetes is a full time occupation and we wanted to streamline the process.

“The app provides the ability for a person to record from their blood glucose diary or action plan and share it across family, guardians, school, and healthcare professionals.”

The data can then be shared with and accessed by health professionals and schools.

It was urgently needed as the diabetes statistics were quite high.

“Seven people are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes every day in Australia. Once you have widespread diabetes, it’s one person every five minutes,” he said.

“Over 420 million people worldwide have some type of diabetes, with type 1 diabetes reportedly adding 180 decisions to be made each day.”

Rockhampton Mayor Tony Williams attended the launch and congratulated Mr Doyle on the new world’s first app.

“I commend Matthew for identifying a need for this type of service and support across the healthcare sector,” said Mayor Williams.

“You can really tell by the passion in Matthew’s voice what it meant to him to produce something that would give his own family all of these benefits, but other children with diabetes and other people with diabetes – how this technology can and how it can help it can be much more streamlined, and a one-stop shop for all the things you need to do and manage diabetes all your life.

“It is very encouraging to see that the SmartHub here in the Rockhampton area continues to support and help build the businesses of the future.

“What they have been able to achieve and what they can achieve with these young entrepreneurs is really an incubator to evaluate and encourage these entrepreneurs to do so.”

You can find more information about the Diabetes Dashboard at

Diabetes Dashboard subscriptions are $ 10 per month or $ 100 per year for a family and $ 75 for a month and $ 750 for a year.