Quinn on Diet: What’s sustainable? | Columnists


Cara Harbsteet, a registered nutritionist for intuitive eating, spoke more about how to maintain healthy eating habits.

“Sustainability is the sustainability of the whole … how my actions affect the people around me,” said Harbstreet. “Sometimes we need to relax some of our diet rules. It is important to eat for our individual selves … in harmony with our personal values. “

How can we be more sustainable?

“Manufacturers of our food must be transparent about how we raise our animals and produce food for consumers,” said Sjostrom. “We invite you to visit our farm instead of listening to a third party who may have another motive in mind.”

“Define what is sustainable for you personally,” said Jordan. “I’m thinking of ways to minimize the waste that we often see in restaurants. Profitability is also a big part of running a business, so we need to think about portion sizes and composting leftovers. “

“Reuse leftovers,” added Howard.

She uses onion skins and corn skins in her soup stocks. Brilliant.

“Milk food is sustainable,” explains Käser Sjostrom. “Cows eat grass and produce high-quality milk that is processed into cheese, yogurt and other products.”

This includes whey, a high quality protein known for its important role in supporting muscle mass.