‘One Hill of a Race’ health problem returns to Bloomington


BLOOMINGTON (WEEK) – Bloomington had One Hill of a Race on Saturday and runners took advantage of the cool, sunny weather to complete the fitness challenge.

The event runs annually thanks to a partnership between the Bloomington Parks and Recreation Department and the local fitness group “Dust 2 Glory”.

150 runners of all ages participated in a three-mile obstacle course with 30 obstacles that included sliding and sliding, climbing, carrying, and other fitness challenges.

Dust 2 owner and head coach, Glory Dustin Webb, said it was a fun way to get the community excited about fitness.

After canceling the event in 2020, he said they were happy to resume it this year.

“I think it’s great to have the opportunity to give competitors and people in the community a chance to race,” said Webb. “Not just racing, but doing something that shows you how to overcome obstacles. And no better race for that than Hill of a Race.”

The fitness events will continue next week when Dust 2 Glory Fitness organizes “Deka Fit”, a family-friendly decathlon training with 10 fitness training zones. That will also take place in Bloomington.