The Greatest Flaw In Bobby Flay’s Health Guidelines Revealed


According to Piper Gibson, Bobby Flay’s rule of only eating three-quarters of what’s on your plate may not work for everyone, and whether or not it works for you depends in large part on how big your plate is and what you do have on it. As Gibson told us, “The size of the plate can affect your appetite.”

Gibson believes “Bobby has a pretty healthy plate,” which would explain why the three-quarters rule helped him meet and maintain his fitness goals. However, as Gibson pointed out, only eating three-quarters of a “platter of cakes and fries” is noticeably different from a small plate of steak and vegetables. “I want to make sure my customers are getting plenty of protein and healthy fats at every meal, and it’s a waste of food – why not make less or put less on their plate in the first place,” said Gibson.

And that brings us to an episode of Flay’s “three-quarters rule” that he only eats food that he likes. Obviously it works for Flay, but as Gibson noted, “I have a feeling that Bobby’s rules may not be best for the general public. Firstly, he’s a cook and makes fantastic meals, and secondly, he eats at some of the best restaurants the world. Not everyone has the option of simply leaving the food on the plate or pushing it away. ” Using the example of cake and fries versus steak and broccoli, Gibson illustrated that what you enjoy may not always match what your body needs to function optimally. “My focus is on teaching people to incorporate and enjoy nutritious foods in their lives.”