The Luxurious Journey Necessities You Didn’t Know You Wanted


A luxury trip requires luxury essentials


From fragrant mask sprays from Japan to a professional case just for your make-up – these are the essential travel items for your next luxury vacation.

SHIRO herbal mask spray

SHIRO / Shiday

Scented mask spray

Wearing a mask on a long flight isn’t exactly comfortable, but SHIRO Herbal Mask Spray can improve the experience. A mixture of ionized mineral water; cooling menthol; and uplifting essential oils like eucalyptus and grapefruit. It is specially designed for those days when you have to wear a mask for a long period of time and do not irritate your skin.

Pair of Scotland mohair socks

Couples Scotland

Socks that keep you cool or warm

Newcomers Pairs Scotland makes mohair socks that can be worn all year round. Their versatility makes them perfect for long air trips where you never know if it will fry or freeze (one of the many joys of traveling!). They’re also good for on-the-ground adventures because they’re comfortable and durable. Mohair is known as “diamond fiber” because of its durability and great shine, but it is also soft. “It’s a dream product,” says Pairs Scotland co-founder Alice Macfarlane, “a middle ground between cotton and cashmere.” While the mohair yarn is sustainably sourced from Angora goats in South Africa, the socks are made in a local Scottish mill in Great Britain and refined by hand .

Patchology Roll model eye serum


Roll-on eye serum

There are many eye serums out there that will keep you looking fresh when you travel, but none are more convenient than Patchology’s Roll Model Moisturizing Eye Serum. In a convenient 10-milliliter tube with a cooling rose quartz applicator, you need to roll this ultra-moisturizing, non-sticky serum under your eyes as needed – you don’t even have to worry about washing your hands first.

Noble Panacea Intense Renewal Serum

Noble panacea

Daily dose skin care sachets

Noble Panacea was founded by the chemist Sir Fraser Stoddart, winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, and is a collection of reputable, scientifically based skin care products with high-quality active ingredients. Different serums are available depending on skin care needs, but what makes Noble Panacea the ultimate travel luxury is the clever packaging: The formula is delivered in a disposable bag the size of a silver dollar, which not only maintains potency and stops contamination and degradation, simplifies and also eases your packing load.

Bodyism Supplements


Charged supplements

Who wants to fixate on their health goals while traveling? These powder supplements from Bodyism will keep you on track with minimal effort. The supplements come in handy 150 gram sachets that can be conveniently placed in any suitcase or carry-on bag, and the instructions couldn’t be easier: just mix a scoop in water or the liquid of your choice. The cocoa-flavored Pure Serenity Supplement, packed with soothing chamomile, valerian root, amino acids and hops, is great for fighting jet lag and getting you to sleep straight away.

Sensory retreats Aurora Eyes

Sensory retreats

Self-heating eye masks

How cool are these new Aurora Eyes self-warming eye masks from Sensory Retreats? Each disposable mask is individually wrapped and heats up as soon as you open the foil packaging. The soothing warmth lasts for about half an hour, but you can wear it all night (or throughout the flight) if you want. In addition, the masks are enriched with a barely perceptible scent of soothing chamomile to allow even deeper relaxation.

Green People sunscreen

Green people

Environmentally friendly sunscreen

Sunscreen should protect you, but not at the planet’s expense. Green People is known for its broad-spectrum sunscreens made from 84% certified organic agricultural ingredients and packaged in sugar cane tubes from renewable resources and offers UVA and UVB protection without environmentally harmful chemicals, parabens, silicones or synthetic fragrances. Put simply, these award-winning products set the standard in marine safe, non-toxic sun care.

Davines SU hair mask


Sun protection for your hair

While everyone knows how to protect their skin from the sun, hair is also at risk from sun damage. For your next beach vacation, check out Davines SU, a full line of products designed to protect your hair before and after sunbathing. Made from healing and moisturizing citrus myrtifolia extract (also known as chinotto) from Italy, the SU line of leave-on milk, shampoo and hair masks not only protects your curls from the sun, but also from the drying effects of a longer period Exposure to chlorine and salt.

Silk Hair Wrap from This Is Silk

This is silk

A chic silk hair wrap

It’s not easy to get off a long flight with your hair intact; but a Silk Hair Wrap from This Is Silk can save the day. These 22 momme 100 percent mulberry silk wraps offer high shine and low frizz and keep your locks in good condition while you are out and about, in new climates and with varying water hardness. Plus, because they come in seven chic colors (including leopard print), they’re stylish enough to wear in public and on the plane.

Cosmetic box

Care of the beauty box

A professional-grade make-up kit

Beautifect Box is the professional portable beauty salon you never knew you would need in your life. Forget about a messy makeup bag in your suitcase, this light box is fully equipped with a lighting concept of five lighting concepts (from daylight to candlelight); a distortion-free mirror with 5x magnification; and a smart storage system that Marie Kondo would be proud of. Is it overdone? Yes. Do we want it anyway? Also yes.

Crabtree & Evelyn Femme de Force Solid Perfume

Krabbenbaum & Evelyn

Subtle, solid perfume

Leave your glass perfume bottles at home and throw this handy tube of Crabtree & Evelyn Femme de Force Solid Perfume in your hand luggage instead. This non-sticky, solid perfume is perfect for on the go as it localizes the scent without being too intrusive and makes it easy to apply on the go. In addition, the scent – more spicy and woody than floral – hits exactly the right olfactory notes.

SHIRO hand spray


Superior hand sanitizer

SHIRO Savon Hand Cleansing Spray is the Rolls-Royce of hand disinfectants: it smells like expensive soap; it doesn’t dry; there is no greasy or sticky residue; And because it’s a spray, not a gel, your hands will actually feel spotlessly clean. Go ahead and treat yourself.